Open Auction

The open source solution to help you manage your Auction.

The Open Auction is an excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. It has been created with non-profit organizations in mind. Its only requirement is MS Excel.

The Open Auction consists of several worksheets; each one designed to manage a different part of the auction process. The system helps with the following areas:

  • Manage vendors and their donations.
  • Manages attendees and paddle numbers.
  • Records bids on live auction items.
  • Records bids on silent auction items.
  • Manages raffle items, 50/50 draws, and cash donations.
  • Generates invoices for checkout.
  • Controls Expenses.
  • Generates auction items lists and silent auction bid forms.
  • Generates thank you letters with results from the auction.

All Item Input Views So Small

in User Questions
by Doug Parker • | | 1 comment
As I have entered items into the ALL ITEMS Input Fields, the Data Fields in the Input Area have gotten so small that I can not read them to edit them. I tried Zooming In and Opening/Closing but the Data Fields do not seem to resort back to original size. Appreciate some help ... some sort more

Live Auction items not populating

in User Questions
by Matt • | | 1 comment
I am entering items into All items tab. When I click on the category drop down list it only has 4 options available. "Auction Item" "Silent Auction" "Raffle" and "Door Prize". Items that I set to Silent are showing up under silent auction tab, but items more

All Item entered are not showing up in Live Auction

in User Questions
by Marilyn • | | 3 comments
I have entered 312 items into the All Items section and only 172 random ones show in the Live Auction. What am I missing? Marilyn

Part of Group

in Support
by tlillys • | | 1 comment
First of all, thanks for posting this spreadsheet template - very handy! I'm trying to understand how the "Part of Group" identifier works within the context of the application. From playing around with the All Items tab and the Reports tab, I've drawn the following conclusions ( more

Adding Sheet and or editing sheet name

in User Questions
by Sam • | | 2 comments
Curious as to whether you can add a sheet that'll calculate items like an Ad in the auction book to the revenue. The other question is whether you can change a 50-50 draw sheet to Quickies as we have a quick auction event. Thanks!

Qualités uniques dans un suprêmes montres Rolex

in Support
by Khei • | | 0 comments
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Prestige limites personnes choisies montres Rolex

in Support
by Khei • | | 0 comments
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Thank you letters and vendors

in Support
by Marilyn • | | 1 comment
Is there currently a way to get a total for the vendors items? It seems the generate vendor mail/email isn't available yet. Thanks and by the way, love the program so far!

entering all items; category will not select

in Support
by sally martin • | | 2 comments
Hi there! Thanks for this app. I am trying to enter items for Live Auction. The drop down menu doesn't have any selections, so I have manually entered Live Auction. The program isn't accepting this option so I cannot enter items. What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do differently? more
by Ann • | | 3 comments
Hi, I just came across your software and we are so excited that our school will be using this. The one thing that we would require is to add the donations that were given by each attendee needs to be added to the checkout. Thanks for this awesome software.
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