Open Auction

The open source solution to help you manage your Auction.

The Open Auction is an excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. It has been created with non-profit organizations in mind. Its only requirement is MS Excel.

The Open Auction consists of several worksheets; each one designed to manage a different part of the auction process. The system helps with the following areas:

  • Manage vendors and their donations.
  • Manages attendees and paddle numbers.
  • Records bids on live auction items.
  • Records bids on silent auction items.
  • Manages raffle items, 50/50 draws, and cash donations.
  • Generates invoices for checkout.
  • Controls Expenses.
  • Generates auction items lists and silent auction bid forms.
  • Generates thank you letters with results from the auction.


in User Questions
by Olivier • | | 1 comment
Dear Andrew, First many thanks for sharing your work. I really appreciate. The theopenauction spreadsheet is almost perfect for me. However, I would like to make couple of minor changes. 1.- The currency. I would like to change the currency form $ to EUR for instance. 2.- How can I more
by Karen • | | 5 comments
When I opened the file to use it, I received this error in a message box: Compile error: Can't find project or library Then another box was open with the Project list and the SystemUtils was open. Then another box was open with some code referring to the SystemUtils. Do you think more

Category - Dropdown options

in Support
by Deirdre • | | 3 comments
Hi Andy, I just downloaded this and am really excited to use it but I can't get the category field to work properly. The dropdown menu is blank and when I type in the category (e.g., Silent Auction), the system won't let me save it. What can I do to fix this? Thank you, Deirdre
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