Open Auction

The open source solution to help you manage your Auction.

The Open Auction is an excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. It has been created with non-profit organizations in mind. Its only requirement is MS Excel.

The Open Auction consists of several worksheets; each one designed to manage a different part of the auction process. The system helps with the following areas:

  • Manage vendors and their donations.
  • Manages attendees and paddle numbers.
  • Records bids on live auction items.
  • Records bids on silent auction items.
  • Manages raffle items, 50/50 draws, and cash donations.
  • Generates invoices for checkout.
  • Controls Expenses.
  • Generates auction items lists and silent auction bid forms.
  • Generates thank you letters with results from the auction.

HI need to design website like this using openauction

in User Questions
by sakthisam • | | 1 comment
HI, i need to design a website like this using open auction ,same like this , i also new to openauction or webauction. Urgent Reply me to

MSKR3Adding percentages to the program

in Feature Requests
by Tim • | | 2 comments
Adding percentages to the program I work with a small auction house. We sell item under a percentage basis. We charge the seller a percentage and the buyer a percentage. I like the way your program operates. It’s very user friendly and easy to learn. The only thing is we can not more

Having trouble adding a percentage. Can it be done with this software?

in User Questions
by Tim • | | 4 comments
I work for a small auction house in P.A.. I recently came across your software and I really like the user friendly screens. I tried to figure out how to add a percentage to the vendors and attendees, I can not find out how to do it. Is there a way? The auctioneer charges 20% to sell items and more
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