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The Open Auction has been designed to be an easy to use and powerful application that requires minimal technical prerequisites. The open auction is an Excel spreadsheet that has been coded to help you manage your auction data. The application has been separated into 12 different worksheets: Main Menu, Attendees, Vendors, All Items, Live Auction, Silent Auction, Raffle, Donations, 50/50 Draws, Checkout, Expenses, and Reports.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is the Dashboard for the application. Not only does it provide quick access to all major functions of the app, but it also provides a quick glance summary of the profits, totals of entered data, and the top 5 highest bidders.


The Attendees worksheet is where you register guests to your auction. You can record the guests' first name, last name, email address, phone, paddle number, and door fee paid. The door fee is a default value that can be setup in the app's configuration, but it allows you to override it for special circumstances.


The Vendors worksheet is where you enter the information of anyone who donates items for the auction. You can record the vendor name, address, phone, email, and contact name. This information will be used when creating the thank you letters, sent out after the auction.

All Items

The All Items worksheet is where you enter the information of all items donated to the auction. Here you add the title of the item, associate it with the vendor (created on the previous worksheet), estimated value (which is used by the auctioneer), and description. On this worksheet you also assign the item to the live auction, silent auction, raffle, or door prize. You can even associate groups of items together to be auctioned off as a group, like a basket.

Live Auction

The Live Auction worksheet is where you record the winning bids. By simply adding the paddle number and bid amount, the system will associate the items to the attendee. This screen is also used to set the order of the items to be auctioned live.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction worksheet is where you record the winning bids in the silent auction. Similarly to the live auction, you simply record the paddle number and the bid, and let the system do the rest.


The Raffle worksheet is where you record the amount of money raised on any of your raffle items.


In case you get any cash donations at the door, you can add those on this worksheet to be added to the overall revenue calculations.

50/50 Draws

The Draws worksheet allows you to add money generated from 50/50 draws, not associated with any auction items.


This worksheet is used to check out attendees from the auction. By selecting the user's paddle number, the system will automatically generate an invoice which can be printed. You can also add the payment method (Cash, Cheque, or Other). This invoice page can be customized with your organizations logo for a professional presentation.


This worksheet is used to manage all expenses associated with the auction. Expenses such as auctioneer charges, room rental, etc will be deducted from the overall profit calculations of the auction.


The Reports worksheet is used to generate various outputs, such as:
  • Auction Items list (both short and long)
  • Auction Items list for the auctioneer
  • Silent Auction Items
  • Raffle Items
  • Expense Report
  • Silent Auction bid forms
  • and, Thank you letters.