Open Auction

The open source solution to help you manage your Auction.

The Open Auction is an excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. It has been created with non-profit organizations in mind. Its only requirement is MS Excel.

The Open Auction consists of several worksheets; each one designed to manage a different part of the auction process. The system helps with the following areas:

  • Manage vendors and their donations.
  • Manages attendees and paddle numbers.
  • Records bids on live auction items.
  • Records bids on silent auction items.
  • Manages raffle items, 50/50 draws, and cash donations.
  • Generates invoices for checkout.
  • Controls Expenses.
  • Generates auction items lists and silent auction bid forms.
  • Generates thank you letters with results from the auction.

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I get a Microsoft Visual Basic Dialog window that say "compile error: Can't find project or library"
by Delbert Jepson • | | 4 comments
on the attendees I took the paddle # away from one attendee and it went to a debug thing ,I realized I screwed up but I had already saved it, how can I fix without losing all the attendees I've entered. When I click on debug I don't understand none of it HELP Thank You so much Delbert Jepson

column width

in Tutorials
by Delbert Jepson • | | 1 comment
I need to make columns wider in silent action sheet has to be easy but has me stumped. Also an earlier question I had on when I entered items in all items and selected live auction it would not transfer ,but got it to work by going into live action sheet and selected save & next and it all more

Live Auction missing from Category drop down menu

in Support
by Jeffp769 • | | 2 comments
- deleted -
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